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İdeal Kültür Yayıncılık

Ideal Kültür Yayıncılık, founded in Istanbul in 2008, has a young but dynamic identity that closely follows the publishing world. It revive Turkish publishing industry with the aim of becoming one of the its known brands. The publishing house, which has more than 150 books in its catalog, is progressing to become a publishing group with its new sub-brands to it.
İdeal Kültür Yayıncılık, whosemore than 30 academic Works have been cataloged in important foreign libraries, has won the Best Prescholl Children’s Book Writer award for its author, with the publishing house’s first children book, The Game Monster.
Ideal Kültür Yayıncılık has also been providing services to the book needs of public and private institutions since its establishment. In this way, it supplies also all kinds of needs of its customers in the works of establishing new libraries with its partnerships with publishers, distributors, institutes and associations. Since 2011, the brand has been starting to offer service the periodical magazine subscription to institutions.
Publishing in 21st century is presenting new cultures each other and feeding different emotions by the Works. İdeal Kültür Yayıncılık, moves toward to future wiht this principle, continues to enrich its publication catalog with new works.

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